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Your Source of Real Estate Knowledge in Orange County

As Orange County's premier Real Estate Office, we at Frontier Realty and all of our agents are trained to deliver an easy and streamline process to ensure your utmost satisfaction. Our office provide and explain all the contractual agreements, documents and other related questions  BEFORE finalizing contracts to ensure our clients have a full understanding of the transaction.

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Upgrading or First time Buyer? 

"No worry! We are here to help!"

Our process at Frontier Realty will ensure you have a full understanding prior to receiving the keys to your new home: Before, During and After Transaction Closed!. 

  • Provide information about current market and plan each steps with financial guidance

  • Help you find the home that is right for you

  • Approach home buying with Solution's first Method

  • Provide information to Buyers for Fixing and Moving. 

  • Services After Transactions Closed

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"We provide the right tools to you when it comes to selling"

Finding the right agent to help you sell your home can be stressful, let us help you by

  • Providing you with market research

  • Inspecting property for repair and services

  • Decorating your house to be market ready

  • Hassle free process from the beginning to find the right buyer for you

  • Selling your property at 5% higher than other agents

  • Help you save on seller's expenses

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"Let us help you get approved"

With a robust network of Preferred Lenders, let us find you the right Loan Program.

  • Obtain Pre-Approval within 24 hours

  • Conventional Loan with 20% down payment

  • Verify of employment with no tax return needed for 30% down payment

  • VA loan with no down payment

  • Hard Money Lenders

  • Foreigner Loan

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