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Serving Orange County @since 2018


"Our Passion & Mission is Finding for You a Nice Place to Live, Protected and Much Wealthier!"


   We, Frontier Realty Inc, are a Modern Real Estate Office that is built on the Goals and Visions of its Founders who want to build an Outstanding Real Estate Agency to make certain that: All of our agents and employees place customers first to ensure a hassle free experience for their clients when it comes to buying and selling real estate properties. The Company is built on 3 Vision Words: “Focus, Fast & Familiar”: We are keeping concentrate, doing the right things, finishing tasks quickly, listening to our clients and putting all of our efforts into real estate business to make our clients happy, protected and much wealthier!

At Frontier Realty Inc, we also want to build a Modern Real Estate Office with Technology support, Effective Training Programs and Leads Support to our Agents/team members. Therefore, our Agents will be Helped, Guided and Trained to be successful in real estate industry and have Great Standards to serve their clients. We understand if we want to stay long in business, we Must make sure all of our Agents always Do the Right Things to earn Trust and Long Relationship with clients so we can earn great results in business. 

Our office operates under three elements:


Using the latest technology to identify best purchase or selling methods

At Frontier Realty, we believe that technology is one of our greatest assets. By correctly utilizing the latest tech and information, the Frontier Realty team is able to deliver a second to none experience to our customers to help them find their next dream home.


Working backwards to find a solution

At Frontier Realty, we approach every problem by understanding the goal that we need to achieve. We then break it down to simple steps to ensure that every single real estate transactions are hassle-free and pain-free, allowing you to do other things that are more important than worrying about documentation and paperwork.


Providing the right tools for the job

At Frontier Realty, we believe that everyone should be able to access to any information at anytime about Real Estate. That's why we created our school to set out and help everyone to learn more about how Real Estate works, how it affects us, and how you are able to utilize that knowledge to buy your next home, or be the next Real Estate Agent.

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